Gabriel Sanchez is a staple in the Milwaukee music scene. January 16, 2016 saw the release of his CD "Immortal by Sound."   This CD was 10 years in the making. Wanting to produce a visual show that coincides with the music, Gabriel never thought he had the right line up until now. The live show was inspired by Gabriel's wardrobe designer Rozzy Alexander and has a David Bowie / Peter Gabriel feel to it. The show is enhanced by using a 20'x10' digital wall playing video in sync with the band playing live.

Gabriel grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is self taught on guitar, bass, drums and keys. For two years Gabriel recieved vocal training at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. Besides playing oriiginal music, Gabriel has a Prince tribute show called The Prince Experience which headlines throughout the Midwest. In 2015 the Prince Experience won the W.A.M.I. award for the best tribute act in Wisconsin.

"Immortal by Sound" sits in the rock genre and covers topics of life, love, sexuality and religion. Influences of The Beatles, Foo Fighters and Led Zeppelin can be heard in the fibers of the songs. Gabriel is an artist that writes from the soul. His lyrics evoke emotion that bring his music to life.

You can find Gabriel performing in the area with other projects as well. He has a duo act called Gabriel v2 , and a trio called The Three Little Pigs . He is also featured in the Prince tribute The Prince Experience.

Visit the shows page for a full calendar of Gabriel's shows.